Belgium- Environmental releases

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EU identification numberB/BE/00/V11
Institution/CompanyPAU Semences
Year of release2000
Title of projectField trial with hybrid maize which one of theparent lines is a transgenic line containing a chimeric gene coding forsuperoxide dismutase.
Organism Common NameMaize
Organism Scientific NameZea mays
Traitstress resistance (superoxide dismutase)
Total surface1.036 m2
Period of releaseApril-May until October-November
Number of sites2
Containment measuresIsolation distance: 300 m. Non-transgenic border:4 rows. Cleaning of drill and combine before and after experiment. Destructionof vegetative material at end of experiment (incorporation into soil). 
MonitoringControl of volunteer plants.
Type of procedureClassical procedure - Art. 9§1 of RoyalDecision
Advisory BodyBiosafety Advisory Council
Competent AuthorityMinister of Agriculture

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