Belgium- Environmental releases

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EU identification numberB/BE/00/V8
Institution/CompanyAventis CropScience (PGS)
Year of release2000
Title of projectEvaluation of new insect tolerant corn lines.
Organism Common NameMaize
Organism Scientific NameZea mays
Traitinsect-R, glufosinate-R
Total surface200 m2
Period of releaseMay-October
Number of sites1
Containment measuresTrial in greenhouse. Manual harvest to preventseed loss. Treatment with insecticide at end of experiment. Destructionof all traces of vegetative transgenic plantmaterial at the end of theexperiment.
RemarksRepetition of B/BE/97/V3 and B/BE/98/V1 andB/BE/99/V7. Trial in greenhouse and the artificial infestation with Ostrinianubilalis.
Type of procedureClassical procedure (repetition) - Art. 9§2of Royal Decision
Advisory BodyBiosafety Advisory Council
Competent AuthorityMinister of Agriculture

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