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EU identification numberB/BE/99/VW8
Year of release2000
Title of projectDevelopment of a combined live vaccine againstfeline leukemia. Experiment outside containment (clinical trial) for thestudy of the safety of a subcutaneous administration of a recombinant canarypoxvirusexpressing FeLV genes.
Organism Common NameCanarypoxvirus
Organism Scientific NameCanarypoxvirus
Traitfeline leukemia vaccine (FELV)
Total surfaceRelease site in catteries or at the cat ownerplace under the responsability of a veterinarian.
Period of releaseJune 2000 - February 2001 
Number of sitesAbout 800 vaccinated cats will be included inthe trial. 
LocationsHeverlee, Deurne, Merksem, Tournai, Haine StPierre, Ternat, Boncelles, Beaufays, Mechelen, Alleur
Containment measuresTreatment of waste (bottles and sringes willbe recovered, then destroyed by incineration). The presence of emergencyresponse plans describing the methods and procedures for controlling GMO’sin case of unexpected spread, for decontamination of affected areas, forthe protection of human health and the environment in case of the occurenceof undesirable effect.
MonitoringAs described in the technical document.
RemarksA positive advice under the conditions mentionedin the technical document and under the conditions stipulated in Art. 12of the Royal Decision.
Type of procedureClassical procedure - Art. 9§1 of RoyalDecision
Advisory BodyBiosafety Advisory Council
Competent AuthorityMinister of Public Health (General Inspectionof Pharmacy) and regional ministers of environment

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