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EU identification numberB/BE/00/VWSP10
Institution/CompanyAventis CropScience
Year of release2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004
Title of projectSelection and breeding program of Brassica napushybrid parental lines and hybrids - 5 year program.
Organism Common NameOilseed rape
Organism Scientific NameBrassica napus
Traitmale sterility, fertility restorer, glufosinaat-R
Total surfacespring: 40.000 m2 / winter: 335.110 m2
Period of releaseSpring oilseed rape: April-October Winter oilseedrape: August-September 
Number of sitesspring 2000: 5 / winter 2000: 21
LocationsIn spring 2000: Eke-Nazareth, Impe, BoulersIn winter 2000: Woubrechtegem, Velzeke, Gavere, Beerlegem, Salles, Petegem,Oordegem, Nazareth, Mettet, Massemen, Macon, Astene
Containment measuresAccording to the Belgian protocol for Brassicaceae(valid for the year 2000). The plot has to be free of seed drill. Isolationdistance of 1000 m to neighbouring commercial Brassica fields. Non harvestedoilseed rape will be destructed. Post-harvest germed seedlings will bedestructed. 
MonitoringA year after experimentation the cultivationof Brassicaca will be forbidden and the field will be followed as longas regrowths are observable: destruction of volunteers and wild relatives.
RemarksFor spring and winter oilseed rape a biosafetytrial at Mettet. The permission for the wintertrial is also valid for thewintersubtrial of B/BE/VWSP9. 
Type of procedureSimplified procedure (first year) - Art. 9§3of Royal Decision
Advisory BodyBiosafety Advisory Council
Competent AuthorityMinister of Agriculture

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