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EU identification numberB/BE/95/WSP4
Year of release1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002
Title of projectMulti-year field trial programme for the developmentof cultivated Beta vulgaris containing the Roundup Ready® genes (glyphosatetolerance).
Organism Common NameSugar beet
Organism Scientific NameBeta vulgaris
Total surfaceIn 2000: 9.356 m2
Period of releaseApril-September
Number of sitesIn 2000: 2
LocationsIn 2000: Franc-Waret, Bomal
Containment measuresAccording to the Belgian protocol for sugarbeets Isolation distance of 25 m to neighbouring sugar beet crop. Ryegrassborder of 5 m. Harvest before commercial sugar beet campaign Sugar beets(two-year crop) are only tested during the vegetative stage. Destructionof bolters and volunteer plants. Destruction of vegetative material atend of experiment by chopping and soil incorporation.
MonitoringFollow up of field during 2 years: destructionof volunteers and bolters.
Type of procedureSimplified procedure (continued) - Art. 9§3of Royal Decision
Advisory BodySBB - Secretariat of Biosafety Advisory Council
Competent AuthorityMinister of Agriculture

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