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The site covers the period from March 1999to May 2000. From the disruption of a conference organised by Monsantoin Brussels to the pulling out of one of their fields; by the campaignof stickers made by CAGE who led to thirty actions in supermarkets andtens of thousand of stickers on contaminated product. Harvest on actionsof resistance to the GM invasion: leaflets, press release and in most casepictures, accounts, and others review of press, these informations weren’tso accessible than the “network society “ will let you think.

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A site about resistanceto GM.
You will find:

Pictures and press releases about an actionat a conference organised by Monsintox with the support of the Europeancommision. The 18 March 1999, 21 people were arrested after an one andhalf hour sit-in inside the lobby of the hotel. Pictures and PR in englishat

During the Belgian stage of the InterContinental Caravan, from May 27 to May 29 1999, two hundred Indian farmersdemonstrated in front of the Monsanto’s European research center at Louvain-la-Neuve(in the center of Belgium). Pictures of different moments of their presencewith us at
On 15 August, Wervel and Oxfam (two Belgiandevelopment NGOs) organised a demonstration in front of a genetic fieldbelonging to Plant Genetic System (part of Aventis) at Aalter (Flanders).Fifty people display a banner in front of a GM field.
At the “Cross fights” (Carrefour des luttes)on 21 July emerged what will become later on the network CAGE. On 20 November,a new phenomenon appeard: the orange stickers “GM risk”, 12 supermarketswere the target of massive labelling. A campaign which grew fast by theunexpected, angry and... televised interview of the manager of the vendingmachines of sweets in the subway of Brussels (on wich stickers were methodicallyplaced), Sales dropped down by fifty percent. In application of the formula“Label today so that nothing needs to be labelled tomorrow”, tens otheractions follow... The occasion for a point on the presence of GM in ouralimentation. On
On 24 February 2000, 3 persons were arrestedat the conference: “Biotechnologie: hope or anxiety ?”. This “public” meetingwas organised after the first reserve about the transposition by Belgiumof the European directive 98/44 about patent on livelihood. Since the beginning“the question was not to be in favor or not on patent on livelihood” whichwas, like everybody knows, universally accepted... A petition opposed itanyway, and three activists came to participate to the mascarade. Textsonly in french at

The Festival of Resistance to GM, on 7May 2000 was for 200 ennemies of the Brave New Transgenic World, the occasionto go from “supermarket” to “supermerchants” and to decontaminate the Mon$antoexperimental farm at Franc-Waret. We have only a few transgenes to loseand the whole world to gain ! On the site 3 pages of commented photo reportageswith hundred pictures of the day, some extract from the conference earlyin the day, diverse documents (PR in english...), information about theescape of Monsanto on 31 May and for the end the last news of the ... repression! Who’s ever seen the site on line since 20 may have only accessed someelements of what is on

On this site, a few paths to get rid ofthe plague and, in exclusivity, the 2000 list of contaminated communes.This list is not There were not curtailed like on our cyber homonym ofthe very official SBB. Go to

For desert, a genetic map of the (principal)charlatan of the Kigdom of Belgium, a page of links, some texts and a pagewere you will find other Belgian campaigns and, at last, a page concerningour current works.

See you soon, on a virtual or (much) truesite !

Service of Biosecurity and Biotechnology(SBB)


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18mars 1999
Action atMonsanto conference
27aux 29 mai 1999


15août 1999
Demonstrationon GM site
Depuisle 21 juillet 1999
Network CAGE

Supermarket action

GM inour food

24février 2000
Arrestationof 3 people at a conference
7mai 2000
Festivalof Resistance to GM
Destructionof a GM  site

Afew path to ged rid of the plague

2000list of contaminated communes

Geneticmap of the charlatan of the Kigdom of Belgium